Network Consulting

When you’re planning the architecture of a network expansion, or having network issues that cannot be resolved internally, ASPAinc has the knowledge and experience to get your network running at its optimal performance.

Our Network Consulting services span the following areas:
  • Correcting Network Problems: speed bottlenecks, intermittent connectivity, throughput/bandwidth optimization
  • Security: penetration tests, military-grade encryption of sensitive data, network policy and procedure consulting, spam-filtering and internet access controls
  • Network Architecture: design, construction, expansion, and operation of Ethernet and Fiber technology, switches, routers, bridges, firewalls, and network appliances to optimize bandwidth usage and maximize ROI
  • Implementing New Technology: VPN and other Remote Connection technologies, wireless network implementation, Voice over IP (VoIP), Windows and Linux server design and administration, Active Directory and domain configuration, implementation of RF (Radio Frequency) technology
  • Intranet, Internet, and Extranet application integration
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