Contract CIO

At various stages in your company’s development, you need a professional who will coordinate IT efforts within your company. This could be caused by a senior IT management turnover, start-up company establishment, or when a specific project or area within IT needs undivided attention on the senior management level. A Contract CIO is the perfect solution to fill the void. Depending on your needs and budget, it could be a full time assignment, part-time assignment, or on an as-needed basis.

Some of the services provided include:
  • Implementation of an effective process for managing IT resources,
  • Preparation of a Strategic IT Plan,
  • Implementation of a standard process to manage the selection, control, and evaluation of IT investments,
  • Implementation of standard project management practices,
  • Building an IT Department for a new organization,
  • Managing a specific project on a Senior Management level,
  • Interviewing and selection of key IT Employees,
  • Establishment of IT-related policies and procedures.
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